Wall Insulation

Exterior wall insulation services to homeowners in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Edmond, and Owasso

In addition to our whole building and attic insulation services, Foam Your Home offers exterior wall insulation services to homeowners in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Edmond, and Owasso. We’re able to insulate anything from new constructions to existing homes with drywall.

Have you noticed that the rooms in your home are getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter? It might be time to add insulation to your walls. When your walls aren’t well insulated, it doesn’t just make your home less comfortable. it also increases your energy bills and may even shorten the life of your HVAC system, which will have to work harder to compensate for the added heat or cold.

Spray insulation for new homes

If you’re building a new home or are renovating a newer home, we highly recommend using spray foam insulation. While fiberglass can begin to act more like a filter after years of use, spray foam helps to keep comfortable air in your home and contaminants, debris, and insects out. In order for spray foam to work in your home, your ductwork and HVAC system will need to be compatible. Please feel free to ask us if your home complies. There are two main kinds of spray foam. Although both perform the same basic function, they’re better fits for different applications. Both are available with thermal barriers for added protection.

Already have drywall up? Our drill & fill service will work great!

We also offer blow-in fiberglass insulation. If your home already has drywall, we offer a service that’s known in the industry as “drill and fill”. We’ll drill small circles into your drywall and blow fiberglass into the cavity. Our crew will leave behind the circles for you to patch yourself, or we can have our drywall specialists patch them for you. Just let us know what you’d prefer!

Our expertise doesn’t stop there.

The Foam Your Home crew can work with nearly every kind of wall insulation, including:

  • Kraft batt insulation: If you have an older house, you likely have kraft batt insulation. It’s good quality insulation but isn’t always installed properly. We’ll make sure your home stays well insulated by cutting the kraft batt in half to install it around electrical wires and other structures that may be found in your wall.
  • Net and blow, or bib insulation: If you’ve got a lot of wiring in your walls, this might be the best choice for you. Our crew will apply netting to the wall and install the insulation through slits in the netting. The insulation settles around the wiring and exterior penetrations, giving you a much better insulation value.
  • Soundproofing: By using acoustical batts rather than traditional insulation, we’re able to reduce sound transfer through your walls.

If you’re not sure which of these options is right for your home, feel free to ask! We’ll help you decide which application will insulate your home best.

Make your attic work for you.

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